The keen idea of developing a mobile app is an integral part of setting up a successful startup studio. Whether you are hunting for the best mobile apps to make money fast or searching for on-demand app ideas, the world has infinite solutions to entertain you. And in this article, we are showcasing a few innovative mobile app ideas to fuel your startups in 2022.

If you are still confused and wondering if investing in a mobile app will be a wiser decision for your startup in 2022 or not, then you must glance over these market statistics:

Facts Figures of Mobile App Development Usage

  • The report's forecast reveals that average smartphone users spend 2 hours 15 minutes on mobile apps and install 50–90 apps and use one app daily and usually spend.
  • 100,000 new Android apps, on average, are released in the app/play Store every month that is 75% greater than the apps launched in Apple App Store.
  • As per the online resource, by the year 2022, app store consumer spending is likely to hike by 92% to $157 billion worldwide.
  • Mobile app users spend 77% of their time on the top three applications, whereas the rest is split into other ten trending applications.
  • 75% of mobile apps are open once, and users never come back. Hence, it is crucial to have a billion app idea and develop it smartly to deliver a perfect user experience.
  • 87% of users check their phones at least for 50-60 minutes before going to sleep.

To summarize these facts, it is safe to say that the coming year of 2022 will change the scenario of mobile app development company in India. Thousands of applications have already started rolling out in the market every day, and those numbers keep growing each minute and offering ever-growing business opportunities for startups.

Here we bring you the innovative mobile app ideas to fuel your startups in 2022.

1- Health check-up app

In the present world, where nothing is certain about an individual’s health, there is the requirement for a futuristic app with the main motto to keep a check on one’s health based on the details entered.


  • This health check-up app monitors your health regularly. The app will also recommend healthy & nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to stay fit.
  • It links you to an array of healthy recipes written by experienced chef-bloggers.
  • You can also customize to reflect your current health position.


  • The USP of this health checker app is that it introduces the fitness world without you having to make a move.

Here We have designed UI-UX of an Online Healthcare App that allows easy navigation and enhances the overall experience of the end customers.

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2- Railway tracking app

Residents of the metropolitan city rely significantly on trains to reach their terminus. When trains are running late, and you are in dilemma whether you should wait or look for another transport to reach your location, it can be troublesome.


  • If you are facing an emergency and the train is late, you can take a taxi or a bus, all thanks to the railway tracking software, which can tell you exactly where the train has reached.


  • This tracking app brings all the trains to your mobile.

3- Language learning app

Earlier, we used to spend several hours attending online lessons or need to store a range of books to learn new languages. However, eLearning app development companies are crating language learning apps are developing today to facilitate the development of language skills. One of the most outstanding mobile app ideas for 2022 is a language learning app that helps users with some basic lessons in various languages.


  • The language software can have different levels of difficulty, ranging from fundamental letters and alphabets to full-fledged discussions at the elevated level.
  • One can easily enable voice in the app so that learners can hear how words are pronounced or spoken.


  • Learning a new language is made simpler by the vast features of this app.

4- Voice Translation App

One of the stereotypical concerns while traveling abroad is not to understand the native language and the challenge of communicating with the localities.


  • For tourists, an app that can easily interpret your voice will be an innovative way to communicate.
  • The words, phrases, or sentences can be spoken on the smartphone and translated into other selected languages.
  • The voice translation app also works bi-directionally, allowing foreign languages to be translated into your mother tongue in real-time.


  • This translation app will make it easier for travelers to visit and communicate in any foreign country.

5- Fitness App

This app is mainly a web program for fit living that allows fitness freaks to track their daily habits with the help of pathologists, health coaches, and trained nutritionists to lower the risk of lifestyle conditions.


  • The software would provide numerous charts that would assist the user in managing their general health, such as weight, sugar, heart rate, blood pressure, and so on.
  • Individual meal charts, lifestyle programs, and nutrition plans are also provided based on the user’s condition.
  • It will also have a chat feature that will allow users to communicate with members of the community as well as health experts.


  • You can keep an eye on your health by working under the guidance of experts, all through your phone.

6- Logistics app

Many people want to deliver products/things to certain locations swiftly; however, finding the right services at the right time is tough. Some transport vehicles, on the other hand, return unoccupied after offloading their shipment.


  • This app can offer information about cars available for transporting consignments.


  • Booking cars for transport will become hassle-free using this app.

7- Real-Time Car-Sharing App


  • An on-demand real-time car-sharing app allows its users to book their car and identify their location.
  • Another user who is traveling in a similar direction using the app can enter their final destination and look for other users with automobiles traveling in the same direction.


  • This app, along with saving you time, also is a great effort towards saving the environment.

8- On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

This on-demand app could be one of the innovative mobile app ideas in 2022. The fuel stations will be filed on the application, automatically detecting your location and delivering the fuel within a defined time frame when a request is sent.


  • The user can select the location where their vehicle is and specify the fuel required.
    The closest fuel station will deliver the fuel and ensure that all safety precautions are adhered to.


  • This app can assist individuals a lot in emergencies where one needs fuel urgently.

9- On-Demand Food delivery app

Food is considered as one of the few things that consistently delight the majority. Since COVID-19 made its way to our shores, food delivery app in India has exploded in size and prominence. With social distance becoming the new standard, such applications are critical.


  • The quantity can be customized in the food delivery App through which you can order the food of your choice from your favorite option.
  • After choosing the food option, you can pay online.


    • This app should come with multiple interfaces for different industries like restaurants, events, individuals, etc.

We have designed UI-UX of an Online Food Delivery App that allows easy navigation and enhances the overall experience of the end customers. While designing the app, we have deployed user-centric techniques so that the Food Delivery App can have a well-defined categorization of different types of food.

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10- App for Live Video Streaming

Because we belong to a society where even a child can create content, a “Live Video Streaming App” is the most excellent way to get the word out.


  • Content makers can capture and post videos in real-time using a live video streaming app.
  • People may watch pre-recorded movies on various applications, but the live video streaming app allows them to communicate with their family and friends in real-time.


  • One can use this app either as a mode of entertainment or even to earn funds.

There are many other apps that will play a significant role in fueling startup studios in 2022, including eLearning apps, tutor apps, meditation apps, etc.

From Idea to Development

Finding app ideas for the startup studios is the initial step. Your next vital step should be searching for the right mobile app developers and the best mobile app development company in India to turn your dream ideas into reality. Searching for the best mobile app developers may be uncomplicated at first glance. However, you have to look after many things, from the technologies to the cost and tools developers use.

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