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As Whizcamp designers, we want to design products/apps people love. We also want to create products that leave a positive impression on the world, and that takes more than simply asking if a product is engaging and enjoyable. Our client approaches us to develop an app that has the power and wisdom to make a positive difference in our world, in the lives of others, and our own lives.

Offering presentation rehearsals with virtual audience

Spirit Card Brief

The app was launched in the market on July 14th, 2021, and needs approx. 11 MB of space for installation. The app works well on Android 5.1 and above. It is an extensive app through which you can bring the positive aura of the Universe into your life. It is spontaneous, quick, and accurate. Many kinds of cards are available, but these are the first cards ever developed specifically for a business setting.

Whether you are a pro or beginner, you may understand its readings and follow its predictions for the betterment of life.

This app is simple to use; just pick your card out of 77, each with a specific theme that will guide you in thinking, planning, decision-making, or simply sparking a fresh way of looking at things. Spirit Cards app is free to download and can be accessed anytime and anywhere to get tarot predictions.

A Sneak Peak To Client Requirement: Going Digital and Going Mobile

Everything in discussion with the client portrayed their high-class image with one exception: An effective way to discover the magic with the cards to encourage the team. Our team knew right away that they were looking for a digital solution. What they required was to go mobile. The main question was how to build what they needed and get what they wanted without breaking the bank.

Our Product Discovery Process

The first step to understanding user needs starts with identifying if at all your product is needed, An Answer which we derive through the Product Discovery Process which majorly revolves around talking to the end users - the key to app development for startup success.

After we have validated the feasibility of your app idea, we rely on Google Design Sprint to understand your business and get an idea of what your consumers are looking for. This is the building block of our end-to-end custom software development for startups.

Issue Mapping
Solution Sketching
Hypothesis Testing
High-fidelity Prototype
Solution Testing
Offering presentation rehearsals with virtual audience

The Requirement and The Challenges We Faced

The client had precise requirements, indeed. They needed something that motivates the employee to perform better in each aspect. Additionally:

  • All of the 77 cards must be fully operational both inside and outside the company's network.
  • The cards must be shuffled on the Shake to obtain daily wisdom
  • The cards must be flipped over easily to read the whole meaning of each card and message.
  • The card must be shared on the social media
  • The app needed to be interactive and engaging for the user
  • Cards needed to be simple to navigate and manage.
  • The product images needed to be high-quality, high-resolution images

Whizcamp's leading developer on the project took all the requirements one step further. The team explains: "During interface design, we realized this app was going to represent our company itself each time they are being used. The genuine specs never called for it, but we knew the user interface had to be top-notch."

The Implementation and The Solution

Our client knew that the mobile app was the solution in terms of going digital. Our team of developers worked closely along with the client's involvement to design an elegant and efficient application that now also streamlines a method to help you create a more aligned future. Learn to read tarot, and you'll also learn to read what lies in your most authentic self. The app is easy to use, manage, and, best of all, is engaging & interactive for the clients. The benefits of the new app touch each of its users.

  • Preparing actual readings with ease.
  • Users can now have Present, Future reading for a quick overall look at their situation.
  • Shuffle the cards on your device just by shaking.
  • Simple One Card Reading for motivation and guidance.
  • Card Reading to help you make an important decision.
  • Possibility to save your card readings to your device & share the card reading with yourself and others on social media.
  • Detailed instructions on how one can use the cards and each of the cards spread.
Offering presentation rehearsals with virtual audience

End Result

Whizcamp is proud to introduce Spirit Cards: an app to inspire meaningful conversations around the genuine impact of technology, products, and services we design. The app encourages people worldwide to build teams, inspire colleagues, boost creativity and innovation, raise performance, suggest solutions to complex problems, and communicate ideas. Use them to start a meeting, amplify the tone of a discussion, or add inspiration to one.

Client’s Feedback

Our client now, in fact, has an app that is sleek, glamorous, and professional. It uses 77 cards; each card has a specific theme that will guide you in planning, decision-making, or simply sparking a fresh way of looking at things. Each has gorgeous artwork by renowned artist David Rankine ( and a message, kick-starting idea, or answer for you.

Tech Stacks

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