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A Holistic Platform to Connect Doctors, Patients and Caregivers and Ensure Accessibility of Healthcare Services Anywhere, Anytime


Our Experience, Our Intel, Your Results

our experience , our intel, your results


The core objective of KERIE is to make healthcare services accessible to every patient anywhere, anytime. Through the healthcare technology portal, KERIE seeks to bridge the communication gap between patients, doctors and caregivers.

  • KERIE is a holistic technology platform to make healthcare accessible to all patients.
  • Offers a whole suite of patient management tools and Care Plan solutions to patients post-discharge.
  • Helps reduce the rising cost of healthcare by enabling continued patient care even after discharge.
  • Expedites the process of sharing and communication between patients, doctors and researchers.
  • Backed by a dedicated team of experts in clinical research, technology and healthcare.

Key Pain Points

Traditional methods of providing healthcare services often turn out to be financially burdensome to patients. This is especially the case for those requiring prolonged care post-hospitalization. Owing to the lack of awareness and care management tools, caregivers and doctors are dependant on the services of other healthcare providers and professionals. This leads to a piling up of bills.

By making healthcare services remotely accessible through an integrated and hassle-free platform, improved patient engagement, convenient follow-ups and cost-effective home healthcare become possible.

Need & Goals

  • To go beyond traditional methods and provide constant and multidisciplinary healthcare services.
  • To empower patients and other health-care providers with the right tools for effective remote collaboration.
  • To design a portal that provides instant connectivity and enablescollaboration anytime, anywhere via video conferencing, voice communication and media share.
  • To provide an integrated platform of mobile health technology to monitor and treat post-discharge patient in accordance with their medical history and present condition
our experience , our intel, your results

Our Product Discovery Process

The first step to understanding user needs starts with identifying if at all your product is needed, An Answer which we derive through the Product Discovery Process which majorly revolves around talking to the end users - the key to app development for startup success.

After we have validated the feasibility of your app idea, we rely on Google Design Sprint to understand your business and get an idea of what your consumers are looking for. This is the building block of our end-to-end custom software development for startups.

Issue Mapping

Day 1

Solution Sketching

Day 2

Hypothesis Testing

Day 3

High-fidelity Prototype

Day 4

Solution Testing

Day 5


With an in-depth understanding of the client needs and pain points, our dedicated team of experts custom-designed the healthcare technology portal for KERIE.

The portal enables each patient’s care coordination team to customize it as per patient requirements. It empowers patients and their care coordination team with enhanced communication and connectivity with doctors. It equips the caregivers with additional educational media and information on symptoms/condition(s) resulting in improved medical outcomes and overall health.

Direct access to a vast medical library of care plans, advisory, Clinics, Pharmacies, caregivers and other healthcare providers is made available to the patient via the cloud by the portal. Deploying solutions from the cloud has improved the quality of remote consultations, thus providing connectivity anytime, anywhere.

  • Address the rising cost of healthcare by offering Client/Patient management tools and Care Plan solutions for the post-hospital discharge and Home Health Market.
  • Connecting healthcare personals: Enables seamless information transfer between healthcare providers and clinics. The portal integrates patient alerts and medicine delivery system via e-prescribing integrated with DrFirstRcopia.
  • Streamline communications: Enables effective communication and improved connectivitybetween healthcare providers and patients via video conferencing, voice communication and media sharing anytime, anywhere.
  • Improved patient engagement: The effortless connectivity between patients and healthcare providers enables convenient follow-up and remote access to patient information, thus enhancing patient engagement.
our experience , our intel, your results

The Result

A collaborative and holistic healthcare portal holds the answer to anticipating and resolving the ongoing obstacles in our healthcare delivery system.

The healthcare technology delivered by the KERIE portal on mobiles and iPads empowers patients and healthcare service providers. Equipped with the mechanism of e-prescription, remote access of patient-data and follow-up in real-time, it ensures seamless communication and patient engagement.

Tech Stacks

jQuery jQuery Bootsrap Bootsrap ASP.NET 5 ASP.NET 5 C# C# iMonnit sensors iMonnit sensors Dr. First Dr. First MS SQL Server MS SQL Server
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